Sea Best


Savory and spicy flavors come together with sweet shrimp and cheesy, smooth grits in this southern favorite.


1lb Sea Best® Medium Raw Shrimp, peeled and deveined
1tablespoon Old Bay seasoning
1teaspoon olive oil
1yellow onion, finely chopped
1clove garlic, minced
1green bell pepper, finely chopped
1/2cup chicken broth (or ¼ cup broth + ¼ cup white wine)
1can (15 oz.) diced tomatoes, drained
2tablespoons lemon juice
1/4teaspoon Tabasco sauce
1/2teaspoon salt
1/4teaspoon black pepper
1/2cup stone-ground grits
1cup water
1cup low-fat milk
1teaspoon butter
2oz. goat cheese (or, if you prefer, shredded cheddar also works well)
2tablespoons fresh chives, chopped
1/4cup fat-free half-and-half
salt and pepper, to taste


  • In a medium bowl, toss shrimp and Old Bay seasoning together; set aside.
  • Turn Instant Pot to sauté function. Add olive oil to Instant Pot, then sauté onion, garlic and bell pepper until tender and translucent (about 6-7 minutes). Turn off sauté function. Add broth or broth/wine mixture and next 5 ingredients (through black pepper) to Instant Pot to make gravy; stir until well combined. Insert trivet on top of gravy ingredients.
  • In a medium glass bowl that will cook the grits inside the Instant Pot, mix grits together with water and low-fat milk; season with salt and pepper, to taste. Place glass bowl on trivet inside Instant Pot. Put IP lid on and set on Manual (H) for 15 minutes.
  • Allow IP to release manually; open IP and carefully remove hot bowl and trivet. (Pro tip: make a “foil sling” or use heat-resistant silicone bands to make it easier to remove the bowl.) Set aside grits bowl. Add shrimp and half-and-half to Instant Pot; bury shrimp with the gravy and let shrimp cook in the hot gravy for about 3-5 minutes, or until shrimp is cooked.
  • In grits bowl, stir in butter, goat cheese and chives.
  • To serve, spoon grits into bowls and top with shrimp and gravy.
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